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Nazareth Village

If you are traveling to Israel make sure to visit Nazareth and schedule a visit to Nazareth Village. Most tour agencies include the Village in their itinerary for northern Israel.

At Nazareth Village, visitors experience Nazareth as it was at the time of Jesus. On land that remained largely untouched and unchanged since Jesus’ time, the Nazareth Village was developed, not just to preserve the past, but to bring the first century to life in vivid and archaeologically-accurate detail.

Experienced guides in the authentic working farm from that period help people understand more about the life that Jesus lived and the parables he told. Exact replicas of first century houses, a synagogue, along with olive and wine presses have been carefully built, using the same methods that would have been used at the time.

Offering more than a tour of ancient ruins, the Village allows visitors to understand the geographical and cultural nuances of Jesus’ teachings, often vital for understanding the meaning more fully. The Village is a highly popular attraction in the Galilee region and is well-known internationally with visitors from over 110 countries.

Since its opening in 2000, the Nazareth Village has drawn thousands of people through its gates; current visitor numbers are nearly 100,000 per year.

A current major focus is the development of a new Visitors Center for the Village.