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Nazareth Project Inc.

Partnering with Nazareth Hospital and School of Nursing in northern Israel since 1991
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Nazareth Hospital EMMS

Nazareth Hospital, NPI’s primary partner, is the focus of NPI fundraising, exchange facilitation and promotion. NPI has received and managed US government grants (American Schools and Hospitals Abroad) for expansion and renovation projects including new operating rooms, a heart catherization lab, and equipment for the renovation of the Pediatrics Department. Individual supporters contribute to special appeals and the chaplaincy program. NPI seeks healthcare professionals to serve as Senior Advisors.

The Nazareth Hospital EMMS is the district general hospital and main trauma center serving Nazareth, home to 46% of the Arab population in Israel, and the surrounding towns and villages, comprising a catchment area of approximately 264,000 people.

The Nazareth Hospital was founded in 1861, and is the oldest hospital in the region. Often called the “English Hospital” by local residents, the Nazareth Hospital is owned and operated by The Nazareth Trust, a successor to its founder, the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society.

For 150 years, Nazareth Hospital has served as the main community center for health promotion and today remains a leader in promoting health and wellness among the Palestinian Arab population in northern Israel. The Hospital facilitates collegial ties between the different ethnic and religious groups in the region working, teaching, and learning side by side in the healthcare professions.

The second largest employer in the Nazareth area, Nazareth Hospital is an equal opportunity employer, providing men and women possibilities for advancement through education, specialization, and professional development. The Hospital employs physically and mentally challenged individuals, providing them with opportunities for professional development.

Nazareth Hospital continues to work hard for its mission: “To provide quality healthcare in a spirit of love to all who need it, regardless of religious belief, ethnicity, or national origin.”

Its 540 employees possess a high level of pride and commitment and its diverse staff has experience working cross-culturally. (For many years, the hospital has received students and health professionals from abroad). It is a place that welcomes diversity and collegial relationships between different groups, working in a spirit of cooperation to focus on the well-being of the patient.

Nazareth Hospital faculty and staff are change agents in their respective communities and villages located all throughout the Northern region.

Nazareth Hospital continues to work hard for its mission: “To provide quality healthcare in a spirit of love to all who need it, regardless of religious belief, ethnicity, or national origin.”

Nazareth Hospital is one of five hospitals in the North that have contracted with the Galilee Faculty of Medicine to be a teaching hospital. Of note is the fact that seven of the Nazareth Hospital departments have been recognized for the new school’s residency program. Among these are Anesthesiology, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, and Radiology. The Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee will integrate medical innovation with cutting-edge research, dedicated to serving the Palestinian Arab communities in the north. This will increase the level of quality of the doctors, as they will have time to be updated on the latest developments.

Nazareth Hospital’s purpose is to provide its patients with excellent and compassionate health care using best practice standards of medicine. In order to achieve its purpose, the Hospital strives to acquire up-to-date equipment, implement effective technology, and contribute to its field through successful research and teaching programs.