Nazareth Project

Nazareth Project Inc.

Partnering with Nazareth Hospital and School of Nursing in northern Israel since 1991
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Scholarships for Nursing Students

Scholarships for Nursing Students

Since 2001, individual donors, churches and private foundations have provided more than $105,000 in funding to the Nazareth School of Nursing via The Nazareth Project. The largest share is for nursing student scholarships. NPI continues to solicit for scholarship funding for nursing students.

Director Amal Khazin, PhD, describes the Nazareth School of Nursing as a greenhouse. “Many students come from families and communities entrenched with negative patterns of responding to conflict and diversity. At an impressionable time in their young lives, we work with them to teach and practice positive skills in communication and conflict management. Our faculty models peaceful and respectful interaction in the way we communicate with and listen to each other.”

NPI has raised the following for the School:

  • $70,765 in Scholarship Funds
  • $25,081 in Capital Funds for an auditorium. [Completed in 2009, the auditorium now serves as a center for community education and engagement.]
  • $30,015 for other nursing school projects, including funding for the school’s publication of two community-education books on parenting.

NPI continues to seek contributions from individuals, churches and foundations to support Student Scholarships and other projects of Nazareth School of Nursing