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Nazareth Hospital’s Vision is “To be the main acute care hospital in the Nazareth area.”

The Nazareth Hospital is the main General Hospital and trauma center for Nazareth and the surrounding villages. It is also a center for teaching and research.

In the service of its main objective, to give the best medical service in the most compassionate and efficient manner possible, while meeting the best practice standards of medicine in both diagnosis and treatment, the Nazareth Hospital is committed to the ongoing process of upgrading its equipment, technology, and research programs.

According to the statistics in Israel, every year 15,000 men and women suffer from a stroke. The average age of onset in women is 72 years of age and in men 68 years of age. It is the third leading cause of death in Israel. A 2012 study showed that mortality rate due to stroke is 1.6 times higher in Arab men compared to Jewish men.

According to NASIS (National Acute Stroke Israeli Survey) in 2016, 9,000-10,000 patients suffering from Ischemic strokes and 900 patients suffering from Hemorrhagic strokes are admitted to hospitals annually.


For a stroke patient to get the best diagnosis and treatment possible, they should be treated at a hospital within three hours of their symptoms first appearing. Strokes happen fast and will often occur before an individual can be seen by a doctor for a proper diagnosis. Unfortunately, it is only possible to be sure of what type of stroke someone has had by giving them a brain scan in a hospital environment. Ischemic strokes and hemorrhagic strokes require different kinds of treatment.

Currently there is no Stroke Unit in the Nazareth area. In 2017, the Israel Ministry of Health provided approval to Nazareth Hospital to open a stroke unit. However, the Ministry did not provide any funding for the project.  The Nazareth Hospital continues to face lack of government funding for its development and activities.


The Hospital is committed to involving the community in raising financial support for the new Stroke Unit and in raising awareness of the risks of stroke in the Arab community. By having the stroke unit at the Nazareth Hospital, patients suffering from a stroke will be attended to immediately and will have a higher chance of survival and a better quality of life.

The closest hospital to the Nazareth area with a stroke unit is over 24 miles away. However, the time required for the ambulance to arrive to the Nazareth hospital and transport the patient takes over 1.5 hours — a long time which might lead to death or permanent damage. Early assessment and diagnosis by a well-trained, acute-stroke team using advanced imaging tools, is essential. By having the stroke unit at the Nazareth hospital, immediate care and treatment will be readily available which will save lives and decrease morbidity and mortality among patient.

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